The SupDouro is the perfect location for all your experiences of Stand Up Paddle Surf. If you want a new experience, our team will support you in every step so you can enjoy all that this sport has to offer.

Our facilities can be your center either the aim is just to take a walk or even acquire training in the area and its aspects. So take advantage of excellent group activities on the river Douro. Browse the Douro, taking advantage of one of the best views of the World Heritage of Porto and Gaia, and through its fantastic bridges.

With an experience of more than 15 years in water and wave sports, our mission is simple: to get the enthusiasm that SUP awakens, both in Northern Portugal and throughout the country, to show that SUP is the sport Ideal to be practiced by all ages and in all places, from the sea, rivers, lakes and even swimming pools.

Our work has been recognized not only by the experiences we have been carrying out, but also by the way in which they fit into a group of friends, co-workers (Corporate actions), so with the younger ones.






Sérgio morais

Wide international experience in SUP and outdoor activities.


pedro ferreira


Responsible for the Douro Academy and coordinator of outdoor activities




Wide international experience in SUP, Surf and event organization


miguel "cebola" ferreira

Surf teacher for more than 20 years, with great experience in sliding sports and SUP tours.

stand up paddle

The popularity of this modern standing paddle sport (SUP) originated from the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1960s. The Waikiki Beach Boys were standing on their long boards, paddling with shovels to take pictures of tourists learning to surf . It was here where the term "Beach Boy Surf", another name for SUP Surf, was born.

The paddle standing on a surfboard "SUP" is one of the sports that has been growing more worldwide. The migration of some athletes from WindSurf, Surf, Hawaiian Canoeing and other rowing sports make "SUP" the perfect combination for practice.

International athletes such as Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez, Dave Kalama and Robbie Naish are major players in spreading sport in the 1990s to this day.





Stand Up Paddle continues to evolve in order to discover new ways to use your board and paddle. The new trend that is invading the SUP industry is the Yoga and SUP fused.

The stability used in the practice of Stand Up Paddle and the tranquility of Yoga give you the opportunity to savor your joint practice surrounded by a beautiful natural setting.

Swap the gym, studio by nature and enjoy the energetic and relaxing elements in a delicate balance on the water. The plank is essentially your floating Yoga mat, where the body meets the natural alignment. Stand Up Paddle Yoga on the water allows you to better control your breathing, perform the movements more accurately, and thereby gain a deep physical, mental and spiritual experience.


Yoga over water is an excellent exercise that not only strengthens and lengthens the body, it cleanses the mind and eliminates stress. Many of the yoga poses can be made on top of the board on the water. Before you start practicing Yoga you should always consult your doctor.

The sessions are guided by certified instructors. Depending on the weather conditions, these sessions are held at SUPDOURO, in the Douro Estuary Natural Reserve.





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The Douro Marina represents a new marina concept that combines sport, leisure, tourism and nature in an innovative set of services and activities, not only for Atlantic traffic travelers, but also for locals and visitors in general. Situated on the south bank of the Douro River, the Douro Marina is the largest infrastructure for recreational boating between Cascais and Galicia, making it a mandatory stopping point for navigators in transit on the west coast, offering Of services, of extreme quality, nonexistent in this part of the country.

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